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Travertine Floor Cleaning & Polishing

North East Travertine Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Travertine floor cleaning involves a process very similar to marble. Travertine is very similar to marble. It is a type of limestone as is marble. Travertine differs in how it was formed.  Basically, its limestone that has been affected by additional heat and pressure applied by the earth’s crust. Travertine is usually polished to a smooth finish, honed into a matte finish, brushed/tumbled into a textured surface, filled to a smoother finish, or chiseled to an uneven finish.

Being a soft stone and calcium based travertine can be scratched and etched by acids quite easily. This leads to the polished surface not reflecting light as it once did and becoming dull and lifeless.

But all is not lost. The great thing about travertine is, with the right equipment and knowledge it can be brought back to it former glory.

Our Travertine Floor Cleaning & Polishing Process

1 – First of all any sensitive areas around where we are working are protected. We normally use self adhesive hard surface protective plastic. Surfaces such as kitchen cupboards, walls and skirting boards. Wherever possible kickboards will also be removed.

2 – Travertine Floor Cleaning -Before any travertine floor polishing can take place your floor needs to be thoroughly deep cleaned. This serves two purposes. Firstly to remove dirt, grit and debris and secondly to get your clean your floor grout and return it to its best possible condition. You will often be amazed at what a difference this alone can make to the look of your travertine floor. 

3 – Travertine Floor Polishing – Now that your floor is clean and free from dirt, debris and any residues, we can start the travertine polishing process.

The best way to describe this is it is the same concept as sanding wood..expect we use diamond impregnated floor pads. Starting with a course grit to cut your travertine floor back, removing a few microns, and effectively revealing a new surface. This stage will remove the lighter surface scratching and dull etch spots. For deeper scratching and damage a slightly different process and pads may be needed.

Your travertine floor is then polished up through different grades of diamonds to achieve the finish you desire. 

travertine floor cleaning and polishing
travertine floor polishing and cleaning
travertine cleaning sealing and polishing

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