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Sandstone Floor Cleaning

Sandstone Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Sandstone is a very popular choice of material for both patios and indoor. The kitchen is usually where we will find and carry out our sandstone floor cleaning and sealing.

Many people forget how beautiful their sandstone floors are untill they are professionally cleaned. Nothing comes close to the beautiful natural colouring of sandstone.
Sandstone is however very pourous when unsealed which can make maintenance a nightmare. Outside areas will often turn green from algae and black lichen spots will flourish and attempt to take over. In kitchens traffic and food and drink spills will eventually take their toll.
It doesn’t have to be like this.
When sandstone is professionally cleaned and sealed using a top quality sealer maintenance because so much easier.


Sandstone Floor Cleaning Process

Firstly, as with all our tile floor cleaning we assess the area. Anything that has the potential to be damaged is thoroughly protected to the best of our ability. Kick boards are removed and plastic sheeting applied to cupboards and walls.

A sandstone floor cleaning solution or stripping solution is applied to your floor. This will start breaking down soil, dirt, debris, staining and old surface seals.

Using either rotary floor machines or our tile master machine your sandstone floor is thoroughly deep cleaned.

All of the loosened soiling and any old seal is rinsed away using spinner tools and extraction machines.

Your sandstone floor is now ready for sealing. You have few options when it comes to sealing and it’s very much down to personal preference, although how your floor is used, traffic etc. can be a consideration. I am more than happy to advise on the most appropriate sealing options for yourself.

There are two main types of floor sealer. Impregnating sealers, and topical sealers. Impregnating sealers absorb into the stone and sit just below the surface protecting from water based and oil based staining. One type of impregnating sealer will not alter the look of your sandstone floor, while a colour enhancing sealer will, as the name suggests, enhance the natural colours within your stone.

Topical sealers are surface coatings. They are available in mat, satin and gloss depending on your preference.

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