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Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing


North East Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble floors have been a luxury floor choice right back to Roman times. There is something really special about a polished marble floor that just can not be recreated synthetically. Although marble floors are not just polished, they can be laid with different finishes, polished is by far the most popular.

Being a soft stone and calcium based they can however be damaged by scuffs, scratches and acidic spills leading to dull etching of the stone.

Over time you will find that your marble floor doesn’t clean like it used to. It can be very frustrating.

That’s when it’s time to call in a company that can restore your marble floor back to its former glory.

Dirty Dull Lifeless Marble Floor?

Marble Floor That Won’t Clean…Despite Your Best Efforts?

Scuffs, Scratches and Dull Spots?

We can Help!

marble floor cleaning and polishing
marble floor polishing

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