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Superior Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning In The North East


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Think Back To When Your Stone Floor Tile & Grout Looked Amazing…..


With Our Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning


It Can Look That Way Again.

Dirty Dull Lifeless Floor?

Unsightly Dirty Grout?

Floor That Won't Clean Despite Your Best Efforts?

Our North East Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Can Help

Our North East stone floor tile & grout cleaning service can restore even the most trashed of floors.


No more dirty eyesore that is an embarrassment when friends visit and annoys the hell out of you everytime you walk on it.


Instead have a floor to be proud of that becomes easier to maintain and friends are envious of.

Stone Floor Restoration Training Certificate From Stoneworks Newcastle
Marble Life Stone Floor Cleaning Polishing & Restoration Training Certificate
Karl Fox Owner At Cannon Surface Care & Cannon Stone Care. North East Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning

My Personal Promise

I will Give You The Ultimate & Most Thorough Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning In The North East With The Best Possible Results…Guaranteed…Or I Will Give You Your Money Back.

Get That WOW Factor Floor Back, Call Karl Now On

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Can I just take this moment to tell you something that I HATE HATE HATE!

You may have already looked on a few websites in your search for stone floor tile & grout cleaning, polishing & restoration in the North East.

You’re probably thinking “well who do I choose to call, they all say the same thing” It’s the same when looking for any service, I was recently in the same predicament as I searched for someone to fix my back (an occupational hazard of cleaning, polishing & restoring many thousands of square metres of floors)

What you really want to know is “will this person fix my problem?”

Because lets face it, you don’t really want a stone floor cleaning, polishing & restoration company. You want a beautiful floor.

I totally get that, i’m not going to spout the same old drivel that every other website says.

I’m not going to tell you about our many training courses and many years of experience……oops, I just did. I’m not going to tell you about our top of the range equipment, machines and training…..damn, i’ve done it again.

Joking aside though, now is the perfect time to give you my personal guarantee and promise. My name is Karl Fox, owner at Cannon Surface Care.

My personal guarantee & promise is quite simple. I will give you an amazing looking stone floor tile & grout…That’s my promise.

You see, I actually do really love this work, I’m a bit of a floor geek, I spend much of my time walking around looking at the floor, mentally inspecting….even while out shopping…which has lead to many minor head bumps from walking into things.

The satisfaction I get from restoring any stone floor is immense, the transformation after can very often literally stop you in your tracks.

Wow…It Looks Brand New Is Something I hear Quite Often

Hopefully you can see my passion, You can trust me and my business to deliver the results you want. What I would love you to do is give me a call, you will be speaking with me direct.

Let me give you that amazing looking floor back.

What I would love you to do is to give me a ring, remember there’s no obligation, I am happy just to give free honest advice.

Get That WOW Factor Floor Back, Call Karl Now On

0800 772 0621 – 07891 371 153

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